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PVC profile extrusion line

The profiles produced by this line have the advantages of light weight, moisture resistance, heat insulation, etc., and are not easy to catch fire or deform. It is smooth, beautiful, no harmful odor, easy to paint and install.


1. The well-made high-quality twin-screw extruder has a unique helical gear reducer and a high-efficiency converter motor to enable high-speed extrusion;

2. Special screw design, counter-rotating outward conical twin screw to ensure high-quality plasticization;

3. High-precision extrusion die with special runner-up structure, high-precision 45# steel vacuum shaping die, stable vacuum calibration table, uniform speed and high traction NBR crawler tractor to help manufacture high-precision PVC profiles

4. The production line is highly automated, saving labor resources

5. High-quality stainless steel materials, high-quality production technology;

6. New advanced energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption;

7. The whole system adopts the latest design concepts and uses well-known brand electrical components to enhance the stability of the production line.

Max. Width(mm)1802403006009001200
Hauling Force(KN)222304050
Hauling Speed(m/s)0-50-50-50-30-2.50-2.5
Total power(kw)353530304050
Air compressure(Mpa)